Top 5 Reasons for High School Athletes to Use Social Networks.

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Parents and Coaches are starting to familiarize themselves with different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg. Initially they were extremely against their high school children using these platforms. Over the past year, not only have they allowed them to use these networks but the parents use it for business promotion, brand control and reconnecting with old friends. I have always been a fan of high school athletes utilizing these networks to help them be proactive about their potential professional and athletic career. Below are 5 great reasons for high school athletes to use these platforms:

1. Self Promotion- This is an important one. Athletes have to effectively promote themselves without coming off conceited and self absorbed. Believe or not, a lot of College coaches are searching high school athletes name through google to get a better idea of who they are as a person. What gets indexed in these search engines? Facebook and Player Profile Pages do.

2. Networking- Such a generic term but for an athlete to network with other coaches, friends and businesses can lead to a lot of doors opening rather than staying closed.

3. Information- The Player Profile Websites have all the necessary information to send off to college coaches but athletes should list some of their attributes as well. You never know who is searching you.

4. Branding- Such a loose term but a very important one. Parents and Coaches tend to think this is pointless with amateur athletes, I completely disagree. Online branding is being done daily while they are on Facebook without them even knowing. It’s even more important if they have a website or Player Profile Website. Information can be generated at a click of a button and you want to have control of that!

5. Communication- Coaches are now using Facebook and other outlets to keep in touch with their team. The same should be done by the players in regards to the Colleges they are trying to attend. Communicating on a consistent basis allows you to be placed in front of Coaches on a daily basis.

I know that I just briefly touched on these avenues but there is a lot more detail to be learned from these platforms and how to effectively use these to your advantage to gain a scholarship. If you have any questions or would like to jump on a call to discuss in further detail, please email me @ Thanks!

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