The Power of Video Conversion, Kate Upton..

By Posted in - Athlete Branding & Blog on May 8th, 2011

When dealing with professional athletes/whomever, the key elements are conversion and keeping the attention of your visitor. I have been a big advocate for years regarding the utilization of video to convert. When building a brand online, video is a key component no matter what field you are in, product you are selling, or offering you can deliver.

The link below is the official website of model Kate Upton. Real quick, while this video might border NSFW (no nudity), it directly catches the attention of the visitor directly showcasing her brand and what she is all about. Kudos to on the web design, you guys get it.

Dominating brands is what we do and when I see other individuals and brands being developed properly, I’ll give the credit where its due. Oh, and she utilizes her definitive domain name too. As mentioned in my previous articles, 85-90% of profressional athletes don’t own their own domain name.

Enjoy! (Click on picture below)


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