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In the world of competitive sports there’s one thing we’re all taught. I don’t care if you’re a wrestler, a runner, a ball player, whatever you’re game…I’m sure the message was shoved down your throat, just as it was mine.  Preparation is paramountTake ownership of your performance. Prepare and deliver.

As athletes, we get it. We know that someone out there is working just as hard as us to dominate, so we push and don’t give up.  The place where most amateur athletes miss it has little to do with their game and everything to do with their career strategy.  Our twitter.com/protegebranding feed gets questions all the time from players who want to break out of the pack, get recognized and play for a quality school and quality team.  Many of them have tried the online recruiting services, shelled out tons of cash (anywhere from 3-5k), and discovered that they were nothing more than a number and were not getting results.  The truth is, you don’t take a back seat to your performance on the field; why would you with your future?

I’ve seen quality players get overlooked and passed by simply because they sat back and trusted an online company, who sends mass emails to coaches that never get opened, to do the preparation for their future as an athlete. Don’t get me wrong, not all companies are out to screw you for money. It’s just frustrating to watch talented people hand over 100% of their athletic career to someone who doesn’t even know them.

Our aim with Protégé is for players like you to understand one thing; no one will care about your future like you will.  Trust me, I’ve learned this first hand.  To succeed you have to be proactive and take control of your career.  At our video blog, Gruler.tv (coming soon), we break down tips, and advice on how you can do just that.  As a player you need to connect with coaches, send them video, follow- up in a way that causes you to stand out from the competition. Let them know that you want to play for them.  No one can get that message across better than you can.

Seriously, that’s why everything we do at Protégé, especially PlayerProfileWebsites.com (Example to the right), is aimed to give you the tools to own your future.  In regards to your future as an athlete, its time to prepare and deliver.

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