Social Media Management.


In this rapidly advancing technological world consumers have to opportunity to engage with your brand on a variety of different platforms, websites, social media, search engines, customer review sites etc. Putting your best foot forward and highlighting the positive is the best way to present yourself to your consumers online. How do we do that? Engaging consumers through social media outlets and incorporating them in the brand experience.

Although social media is not rocket science, it does take planning and strategizing. Just as you would not blindly buy a full color ad in a top tier magazine without doing research prior, it is vital to establish a plan for your company’s social media endeavors prior to jumping in with both feet.

Protégé Branding is here to guide you through the process of developing a strategy and moving forward with a clear vision.

Brand Messaging

Each brand should have a voice, a persona and character. If you were creating a profile for your brand how would you answer the most basic questions?
Although our team may not have the best love/dating advice and Chris has been banned from most dating websites, one thing we do know is how to analyze a company and develop a brands voice.

Once we have a established a solid brand voice we can determine which social media platforms are right for you. When it comes to social media there is no one size fits all answer. While some brands may thrive on one platform, they may feel like the odd man out on another. Protégé is here to make sure that you are putting your efforts and funds into the methods that are the best fit for you and your brand.


Every brand has an audience. That being said, getting to know your audience and customizing your social media efforts to that audience is essential. Are they Customers, Advocates, Members? How would this audience be reached best? The better you know your audience the easier it will be to reach them.

After determining your audience Protégé helps you pinpoint the most effective ways of engaging them. Content is key.

Content is the main ingredient for gaining and retaining followers. Your content must be fresh, engaging and appropriate for the audience and platform. It is important that your content helps get you closer to your goals.  At Protégé we provide you with the tools to secure more followers and connect with them in a way that will make your brand stand out among the rest.

Our creative team can help you create eye-catching content, stunning graphics and customizable fan pages to implement a consistency across all platforms.


Like we said, there is no one size fits all answer for navigating the world of the wide web however we offer a variety of services so you can determine what is a good fit for you.

– Social Media Strategy Development and Consulting

– Traffic Building Advertisement: Scalable advertising plan to draw traffic to your fan pages, website etc.

– Custom Graphics: Profile Photos, Cover Photos, Coupons, Custom Skins, Fliers etc.

– Full Social Media Management (Includes: Strategy, Advertising, & Content Management)

– Branded Facebook Fan Pages: Custom Tabs, Apps & Functions.

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