Scottsdale Restaurants, A New Brand!.

By Posted in - Blog & News on March 23rd, 2015 is proud to announce its latest brand,!

The hyper-local site is aimed at elevating local Scottsdale restaurants. With unique positive video reviews that show potential restaurant customers what they can expect if they were to visit the restaurant. Along with the video reviews, the site contains fun, creative content highlighting local Scottsdale restaurants. As well as a Happy Hour Live directory that gives users options for happy hour in real time. Site visitors can also get in on the fun by giving their own reviews of restaurants in’s Restaurant Directory.

The Three Generic Dudes consist of local internet entrepreneur/web developer; Christopher Gruler, friendship builder/content writer; Troy Smith and last but certainly not least; cinematographer and team “wild card”; Miguel Norigenna.

Scottsdale Rstaurants

Just three generic dudes changing the local Scottsdale dining game.’s Christopher Gruler had this to say about the site “We’re going to hit all of the different niches in every single restaurant to try to make sure we give you no nonsense, no B.S. reviews and we’re going to have fun doing it. There is no other site like it, we’re all local, we’re all about Scottsdale and plus we’ll get drunk sometimes.”

The guys do multiple Scottsdale restaurant gift card giveaways weekly. To win, people need to either follow them on Facebook at or sign up for with their email address on was born out of a need. A need to sift through all of the bullshit reviews, zelps, ratings, spoons, stars and whatever else you may use to decide which Scottsdale restaurants to throw your hard earned money at. With fun video reviews mixed with creative content, geared towards you, the Scottsdale eater and drinker. We plan to do just that. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching us eat and drink our way through Scottsdale, as much as we enjoy doing it! Remember, we do this for you!###

Here is our first video review we did together! Be sure to check out all of our Scottsdale Video Reviews on our site!

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