Player Profile Websites: Control Your Future, Get Recruited.

By Posted in - Blog on February 20th, 2012

As a student athlete the process of getting recruited can be daunting and complex…(In plain english a real pain in the butt.) Our goal is to eliminate some of the hassle and give you a few key points to make recruitment simple and fun! In an effort to keep this short and sweet (err maybe more sweet than short) we will tackle three key points to remember as a student athlete looking to get recruited.

Own your own domain name:

The benefits of owning your own domain name are endless but the spark-notes version is here…

  • This allows your to truly promote yourself
  • Your name is easy to remember, and your domain name will be too!
  • It increases your search engine optimization (aka you will be found easier when people “google” you)

This is something we feel very passionately about ( in-fact don’t get Chris or his friends on this topic they may start foaming at  the mouth from excitement) … To read more click here!

Utilizing Social Media:

Social media has become integrated into all aspects of our lives and therefore knowing how to use it to your advantage is highly important. With anything there are pro’s and con’s….Using facebook and twitter appropriately (or inappropriately) can make or break your career whether it’s in the athletic field or not. That being said here are a few points to remember when enjoying your social freedoms on facebook, twitter etc.


  • Creep Creepin Is A Habit:
    Coaches, employers, recruiters, (lets face it… EVERYONE) will look you up online and see what you are all about. Just like you would censor yourself and put your best foot forward if you were at a tryout for your dream team, or  on an interview, you should have that same attitude when posting on social media sites.


  • Be a Leader:
    Athletes are held to a higher standard, we all had a favorite athlete growing up and probably wanted to be exactly like them. Being a good role model is something to be aware of regardless of if you are a high school, college or professional athlete. Remaining cautious about the photos, videos and language you post online is extremely important, not only for being a leader, but showing the outer world you are deserving of scholarships, being on a college team, or even the big leagues (yeah lets dream big ok!?)


  • Strut Your Stuff:
    Now that we covered what not to do lets look at the bright side! Social media is the perfect place to get noticed for all of the positive things we know you are out there doing! Use this an outlet to promote your: championship game, show photos from your teams big win or a video of you pitching your best game yet! ( If you volunteer, are involved in other clubs and activities on campus show that off too! ) Give those coaches something (positive) to talk about after they’ve done their creeping…research on you.


Be Proactive:

There can be many road blocks when it comes to being recruited. Contacting multiple schools, relying on your coaches to send reels, or waiting to be found among the many athletes listed in third-party recruitment data bases, can all tie up your time and prevent you from being noticed. We encourage you to not only cut out all of the possible delays but also be proactive about getting seen by the right people.

Having a Player Profile Website is an opportunity for you to showcase your talents as an athlete. You control the photos, videos and content allowing you to show this to recruiters and coaches simply via email, and ensure you are portrayed in the best  light possible. When your name is searched online your player profile can be found easily and recruiters can see all of your statistics, videos, blog postings etc. in one place.



Stay tuned for more information on simplifying the recruitment process and getting noticed. If you are interested in creating your own Player Profile Website contact Whitney ( aka Marketing Champion) at


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