Pay It Forward #Trending.

By Posted in - Blog & Clients & Social Media on July 20th, 2012

We are in the era of social sharing; the ability to connect with friends via a variety of platforms has become a societal norm. It’s beginning to feel abnormal to listen to a song and not share it via, twitter, email, facebook, text etc.

Although its easy to see the downside of being oversaturated with information about your friends, from a photo of them eating breakfast to a notification that they are checked in & buying clothes at H&M, I feel like highlighting one positive attribute of this influx of social sharing.

The idea of sharing ideas, and information with your social circle, or complete strangers is actually quite generous if you think of it! (There is a certain level of need for affirmation related to all social media posts but never mind that)

I will be the first to admit “ I learned it on pinterest” when receiving a compliment on my stylish sock bun or my homemade patriotic cakepops! So much knowledge can be transmitted through the internet. (Think of Wikipedia for example!!)


One overwhelming ‘trend’ I just can’t help but attribute to a surge in social media outreach, is philanthropic involvement. Not only have I noticed individuals teaming up with good causes but businesses have taken their role to be socially responsible to a whole new level.The internet is such a valuable tool not only for sharing events, inviting one another, raising awareness, and collecting donations but for sending this message of paying it forward into cyberspace and start a #trend of giving back!  Here at Protégé we make a conscious effort to give back to causes we are passionate about along with encouraging our clients to do the same.

Along with teaming up with our clients during local fundraisers we ask that a percentage of any revenue generated through websites we build for Athletes and Local business gets donated to a charity of their choice. We believe the key to a solid business is a strong community and paying it forward is a simple way to grow locally while doing some good!

-Cheers and Happy Friday!!

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