Friday Faves: We’re talking hashtags, thug-style-food, and hipsters.

By Posted in - Blog & Friday Faves & News & Social Media & Videos on June 28th, 2013

If you know anything about Chris you know he loves the latest & greatest. Although I hate to admit that he’s usually one of the first to know about upcoming trends and hits, it’s hard to deny. Basically he knows about things before they are cool. (Think of him like a hipster, minus the think-rimmed glasses and obsession with plaid) That being said lets highlight some of this weeks favorites!

Favorite food:  NSFW ( Warning: The language is slightly less than appropriate)

Website: is a search engine that is completely anonymous. No chance on search history NSA…no chance.

App: Hero Academy. Amazing and addicting chess game with characters that have super powers.

Social Media Platform: actually. They just relaunched and leverages music quite well. A far cry from Top 8 days…

Song: Anything Chromeo. Anything.

Hashtag: No more please

Upcoming Cyber Trend: Im a HUGE fan of Photoshop battles. Oh and firstworldanarchists – bunch of bad… booties (edited some explicit language)

My go to. Two icons just winning on life 20 years later.

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