Client Corner: Slatebridge Restaurant Group.

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Here at Protégé Branding we take great pride in our clients,
and Chris takes great pride in his gardening skills ( to each his own right?) Anywho with this new website makeover we felt like upping our blog-game and giving some shout outs to the people who make Protégé Branding happen…Our Clients!

Today we’re featuring Slatebridge Restaurant Group, a collection of phenomenal restaurants spanning across six different cities and defined by four unique brands. Slatebridge employs 600+ team members operating under one vision:

We operate under a simple vision; the world does not need more restaurants, the world needs more great restaurants.

Slatebridge Restaurant Group

Our team had the honor of designing and developing websites for all four brands, along with the Slatebridge Restaurant Group site. When it comes to providing a well-rounded experience you can count on Slatebridge to deliver. From memorable ambiance and stellar service, to unbelievable quality food they consistently amaze.

We’re lucky enough to have one of the prestigious Slatebridge restaurants right here in Arizona, The White Chocolate Grill in Phoenix! Our go-to meal? The Famous Chicken Salad.. just $15.39 with priceless taste!

So if you’re hungry cruise on down to one of these next-level restaurants and catering services:







Locations in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, and Illinois

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