A Little Recruiting Comparison.

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When it comes to college recruiting, it’s a great big world out there. Most aspiring athletes have spent their high school days as the big fish in a little pond. Gaining attention, status, and accolades for their accomplishments.

As the world beyond high school fast approaches, it becomes apparent that there are millions of fish in oceans and ponds all over. The recruitment process can be a daunting task, that’s for sure. The competition is stiff and the results impact not only the next four years, but your long-term career as an amateur athlete.

I want to break down a couple of the top recruiting websites out there and stack them up against our personalized one-on-one style of Player Profile Websites.


Clean design, nice home page, but an overwhelming amount of information…from the get go, you’ll discover one of the biggest problems we have with the site. Put yourself in the mind of a coach. How does he not get lost in the shuffle of this site? How does he find you?

First off, he has to register and login just to begin to be able to search. As an athlete the biggest thing you’ve got going is you. Recruitment is essentially a sales pitch, where you, the athlete, are the product.

Our vote? This site is overwhelming, too much info and no real way to showcase you as an athlete. You, the big fish in the little pond? Yeah, you’ll be lost in an ocean of competition. Not to mention, this company is heavily backed by Venture Capital Funding. Just sayin….


We like the simplified home page. The navigation seems to be a little simpler than JumpForward.com but again, the coaches have to register, log-in and search for you. There you are lumped together with a bunch of other people with identical profile pages. Nothing stands out, no real way to showcase your assets.

Think about it. You’re going to trust your future to a computer “matching program” meaning- there is a chance you’ll be overlooked if a coach simply doesn’t enter the right search criteria. I don’t know about you, but that’s no way to ensure your future as an athlete.

Our vote? Don’t buy the lie. You must own your brand, and put yourself ahead of the competition. Don’t rely on a computer matching system to jump-start your athletic career.

Player Profile Websites

We can’t think of a better way to stand out from the crowd than through our Player Profile Websites. Own your name. Build your brand. Take control of your future. Trust us. We’ve played the game. We’ve seen how these big websites perform. That’s why we’re passionate about putting you in the driver’s seat of your future. Of course you need expert advice, but don’t sell your soul to get it.

Player Profile Websites gives you the help you need, but you remain in control of your future.

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