10 Free Player Profile Websites.

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Big News! In honor of our Player Profile Websites getting a makeover we are hosting a contest to give away 10 free sites. One of Protege’s goals is to help student athletes brand themselves by leveraging online resources. You have heard us say it time and time again, however the importance of owning your own domain name cannot be emphasized enough!

If you are an athlete your name is your brand. Its important to realize the moment you start getting looked at for recruitment as a student athlete you are at risk for cyber-squatters taking advantage of you. Cyber-Squatters take advantages of brands by purchasing domain names that could be of potential value ( lets say if your athletic ability lands you some fame and success) and then essentially holding them hostage eliminating you from establishing your brand online. Many professional athletes do not even own their own domain name because someone purchased it before they did. That being said, it is essential that you purchase your domain name ASAP.

Now onto the fun stuff!! Starting today June 5th 2012 and running through July 15th 2012 we will be hosting a contest to give away 10 free player profile websites! Winners will be announced by midnight on July 16th.

Here is how you qualify:
1) Watch our super awesome video featuring Chuck Norris and the Beibs

2) Share the video with your friends on facebook

3) Tell us why YOU or a FRIEND of yours (feel free to nominate people) should receive a customized Player Profile Website. Submissions will be accepted in the form of: Facebook comments, Video Submissions, and Emails. Make sure to be creative!

Email submissions: Chris@protegebranding.com

The (not so) small print:

1) If selected as a winner you must purchase your own domain name (approx. $9.00). We will build you a custom Player Profile Website directed to that domain name.

2) Selection of winners is completely up to the discretion of Protege Branding.com, our winners will be selected based on their submissions explaining why they deserve a player profile website, 10 winners will be chosen.

3) Multiple submissions from one person will not be considered.
Best of luck! and Happy posting!!

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